Thematic Area Strategic Focus Areas
Prevention of New HIV Infections
  • Adapting and scaling up effective interventions for impact using a combination prevention approach, and engagement of communities to create demand and advocate for HIV prevention
  • Improving access, efficiency and outcomes of prevention programmes through integration, collaboration and partnerships
  • Eliminating HIV mother to child transmission of HIV and Syphilis
Treatment, Care and Support for HIV/STI and Viral Hepatitis
  • Improving access to treatment
  • Strengthening differentiated service delivery models for persons living with HIV
  • Improving treatment adherence, retention and support systems including psycho-social support to PLHIV
  • Improving nutrition assessment, counseling and support for persons living with HIV
  • Improving and sustaining viral suppression amongst persons living with HIV, and on treatment
  • Strengthening screening and management of advanced disease amongst persons living with HIV
  • Improving TB screening and treatment outcomes amongst persons living with HIV
  • Improving engagement on treatment with the private sector
  • Accelerating country access to novel treatment regimens
Resilient Sustainable Systems for HIV and AIDS and Health
  • Investing in a commodity management system
  • Strengthening laboratory infrastructure
  • Developing human resource for health
  • Enhancing and strengthening community systems
  • Upscaling quality improvement for HIV services’ response
  • Incorporating emergency HIV services in humanitarian settings and climate change
Strategic Information, Research and      Innovation
  • Strengthening capacity for research at all levels
  • Implementing population-based surveys, and size estimates
  • Ensuring continuous alignment of other sub-systems to the national system
Human Rights-based Approach to HIV Response
  • Addressing structural and social barriers
  • Strengthening and sustaining a supportive environment that addresses gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Enhancing legal and policy environment
  • Improving sexual reproductive health and rights of people living with HIV
  • Enhance access to justice in response to HIV-related stigma and discrimination and GBV
Sustainable Financing of HIV Response
  • Improving resource mobilization
  • Improving efficiency, effectiveness and innovation
  • Developing a transition plan (2020/21–2024/25)
Communication and Advocacy for HIV and STIS
  • Enhancing communication focusing on literacy and enhancement of knowledge to elicit behaviour change
  • Accelerating advocacy on HIV and AIDS responses
  • Enhancing social mobilization
  • Mainstreaming emerging COVID-19 and other emergencies in HIV-related communication
Leadership and Accountability for Delivery of KASF II Results
  • Enhancing leadership, policy development and advocacy
  • Enhancing accountability for results and resources
  • Building multi-sectoral coordination and mobilization


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