National M&E Framework

A comprehensive national HIV and AIDS Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Framework (M&E Framework) has been developed to coordinate stakeholders towards one agreed country-level monitoring and evaluation system. The process of developing the M&E framework was participatory, with extensive consultations among a wide range of stakeholders at constituency, provincial and national levels. (download National HIV and AIDS Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Framework 2009/10-2012/13)

Goal of the M&E Framework:

The goal of the M&E Framework is to establish a well coordinated, harmonized monitoring, evaluation and research system. This system is supposed to provide timely and accurate strategic information to guide the planning of the national response to HIV and AIDS in order to achieve the object of KNASP III.

Keys to successful implementation of the M&E Framework:
1.Development of a clear, integrated planning and programme review cycle that ensure evidence, as well as lessons learned, are used to inform policy, undertake harmonization, implement strategy and strengthen programme planning at all levels of the response.
2.A strengthened M&E and research system that facilitates the timely collection, analysis, and reporting of quality-assured data to inform decision-making at all levels.
3.Dissemination of results to all levels of policy makers and programme planners in order to inform planning of the national HIV response.
4.Monitoring of national and programme indicators in order to determin the progress made towards the set targets.
5.Harmonization of M&E system from public, private and community levels within the national response to strengthen the “One M&E system”
6.Providing leadership and coordination of all the monitoring andevaluation sub-system to attain KNASP III targets and results.
7.Holding relevant partners to account on their agreed roles to ensure successful implementation of the M&E framework.

Specific Objectives of the Framework
•To establish one integrated and functioning multi-sectoral M&E and research system with capacity for tracking the epidemic trends and the national response to HIV.
•To cultivate a strong platform for strategic HIV and AIDS partnership and accountability among coordinating bodies and implementing partners to the HIV infected or affected, as well as to those providing financial resources for the national HIV response.
•To contribute to evidence-informed decision-making and programming through monitoring of pre-defined outcomes and targets as well as resources.
•To document and disseminate key lessons learnt and best practice guiding Principles.