The One Country M&E Framework is aligned to the new governance structure in the country in line with the Constitution of Kenya 2010. National and County governments are key to the attainment of the M & E goals outlined herein. The framework therefore provides mechanisms for communication and information sharing between the two levels of government.

It should be emphasised that the indicators in this framework are core, and therefore, all stakeholders, including, Government Ministries and Agencies, Counties, Implementing and Development Partners, Civil Society, Faith Based Organisations and the Private Sector, are encouraged to use this framework in defining the minimum set of indicators required for monitoring and evaluating the attainment of the objectives of the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework (KASF). This framework, managed by the National AIDS Control Council (NACC), draws from the different M&E sub-systems that report on various aspects of the HIV response. It further leverages on the use of technology to enhance timely reporting and improve data management. To this end, stakeholders will establish a common web-based database on core indicators for use.

This tool will also enhance the production of M&E products and sharing of data and products to facilitate efficient and effective decision making at all levels. The framework also provides a robust approach for evaluation of KASF. Critical surveys, evaluations and surveillance will be undertaken to measure outcomes and impact of the strategic framework. All stakeholders are urged to adopt and implement this M&E Framework, align their internal M&E systems to this framework, and be committed to reporting through the national systems outlined in the framework.

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