The Kenya 2007 Estimates report with revised HIV prevalence and incidence trends from the beginning of the epidemic to 2007 and interim projected HIV prevalence and incidence trends for 2008 to 2015 was generated through a consultative process with stakeholders. This process was coordinated by the estimates committee that included Ben Mundia (NACC), Anne Barsigo (NASCOP), Abdulkadir Awes (KNBS), Girmay Haile (UNAIDS), Dr. Rex Mpazanje (WHO), Chris Ouma and Susan Kiragu of UNICEF. Dr.John Stover of Futures Institute provided insightful guidance and review of the product during the estimation process.

NACC would like to thank all the monitoring and evaluation sub-systems, the civil society and other stakeholders who provided data and also found time to validate the data used in the estimation and projections. The National Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Working Group, KARSCOM and several working groups established to steer the development of KNASP III comments during validation process to improve the report. These estimates have since been adopted and utilized in preparation of the KNASP III. Many thanks to the UNAIDS/WHO Working Group on Global HIV/AIDS and STI Surveillance for conducting the regional HIV estimates workshops during March, 2009 that culminated in development of this report. To our institutions heads, thank you for the support you extended to the Estimates committee.