Kenya HIV Research Agenda

The Kenya HIV Research Agenda has been developed to provide guidance on key interventions to address the practical elements of strengthened research coordination, implementation, dissemination and uptake. It takes cognizance of existing mechanisms for quality control including ethics review committees, outlines capacity development options for research, reviews and data analysis and embraces the use of technology to facilitate availability of research findings to programmers, policy makers, students, implementers and communities.

The  agenda will accelerate attainment of Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework (KASF) 2014/15-2018/19) results. It recognizes Counties as primary utilizers of research and therefore their role in research needs identification and coordination. To inform evidence planning and programming it proposes establishment of a multi-sectoral and interactive web-based Kenya HIV research hub, establishment of Communities of Practice (CoP) on KASF priorities to review evidence and mechanisms to advise on policy recommendations and practice.It proposes training and staffing of research units at national and county levels as relevant with skills in surveillance, statistics and systematic reviews.

Objectives of the Research Agenda

The overall goal of the HIV and AIDS Research Agenda is to guide implementation of Research at both National and County level to support the KASF. KASF objectives on research and innovation by 2019 include: Increased evidence-based planning, programming and policy changes by 50%; Increased implementation of research on the identified KASF-related HIV priorities by 50% and Increased capacity to conduct HIV research at country and county levels by 10%

Specific objectives

Define HIV research priorities for the next five years

Provide a national framework to guide HIV research.

Facilitate coordination of HIV and AIDS research among stakeholders

Serve as a tool for resource mobilization and allocation for HIV research







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