Coordination of the HIV Response at the County
To effectively coordinate the HIV response at the county level, NACC has clustered the 47 counties into 18 regions. Each region is coordinated by a Regional HIV Coordinator (RHC) with a plan of having a coordinator for each county.

The 18 regions are:

county Engagement

The Regional HIV Cooordinators have partnered with respective Counties in delivering the NACC Mandate and addressing the HIV response factoring in the unique characteristics and HIV trends for respective counties. NACC in collaboration with the counties developed the Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework 2014/15 to 2018/19. This process adopted the multi sectoral approach bring together, the National and County Governments, members of the Civil Society, People Living with HIV, Private Sector, and Faith Based Organizations.

Currently, NACC is collaborating with the Counties on the following:
• Development and launch of County AIDS Strategic Plans (CASPs).
• HIV Situation Room for monitoring County HIV epidemic
• Resource mobilization and partner engagement
• Coordination and supervision of Sub County AIDS Control Committees (SCACCs).
• Develop County HIV profiles with data estimates
• Creation of County HIV Committees (CHCs).