Following the development and launch of Kenya AIDS Strategic Framework (KASF) 2014/2015 – 2018/2019, the document was disseminated in all 47 counties. The purpose of the dissemination was to engage county stakeholders to enhance commitment, sustainability and ownership of the county-specific HIV response. This would enable realization of the four overarching national objectives for the KASF namely; Reduce new HIV infections by 75%,Reduce AIDS related mortality by 25%, Reduce the HIV related stigma and discrimination by 50% and Increasing the domestic financing of the HIV response to 50%.
At the end of the dissemination in November, 2015, Counties established County AIDS Strategic Plans (CASPs) drafting committees.

These committees were tasked with the responsibility of developing CASP for their respective counties. As at end of February 2016, 20 Counties had draft CASPs. The drafts were subjected to review by a nationalTechnical Review Team and are ready for printing and launching. To help speed up the process of completing CASPs in the remaining counties, NACC has adopted an Rapid Response Initiative that will run for 100 days – effective January 16 2016. By the end of this period, all Counties are expected to have draft Plans.